Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineers are accomplished at dealing with the infrastructurein ways that are both innovative and sustainable. We have a depth of knowledge and expertise in the roads construction, transportation, traffic signal design, drainage, including sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), flood studies and assessments, waste water and water design, and all related infrastructure issues. 

Please visit our Projects section for examples of such projects.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineers have a great depth of experience and expertise in designing structures using timber, masonry, steel, concrete. We design anything from house extensions to complex, large-scale structures over a wide range of industry sectors. We are also experienced in building renovations and enjoy the challenge of taking an old building and restructuring it to provide a modern space. Other Structural Engineering services we provide include building and insurance surveying services and the investigation of subsidence and structural defects. Clients, such as universities, local government and timber frame providers engage us on a term basis and as part of warrant applications we provide SER certification.

To experience what all this means in practical terms, please visit our Projects Area.

Topographical Surveying

A topographical survey takes the features (natural and man-made) on a piece of land and translates those features into a map or plan. Our dedicated team is experienced in providing topographical surveys for a wide range of clients, and for varied survey requirements: including façade detailing, 3-D Modeling, Land Surveys, and Boundary Setting Out.

If you’d like to find out more about our Topographical Surveying Services, please follow this link for some real life examples.

CDM Co-ordination

The Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations aim to improve the overall management and co-ordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a construction project. To compliment our own design services under the CDM Regulations, we have in-house CDM Certified Engineers, who can advise clients on their Health and Safety requirements.

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